New Bittco Products Extend VR On The Web

Bittco Solutions launched VRtuoso business software that can present the World Wide Web in virtual reality on the desktop, plus a
new service named NeuralVRSite that turns web sites into Virtual Reality
Modeling Language (VRML).

“Our technology
actually understands the meaning of content, which creates some really exciting
possibilities,” said Dean Bittner, managing director of Bittco Solutions. “VRtusoso is one such possibility where users task VRtuoso to read, understand, and present the Web in VR, saving themselves untold hours of searching and sifting. We plan to explore many others, including the use of our
AI and VR as a portal to corporate information stores and corporate use of the

VRtuoso reads and organizes information, turning Web sites, searches and
bookmarks into what the vendor calls “a searchable and meaningful VR
landscape.” It groups Web documents in this landscape according to their
content and meaning, enabling users to find specific items more quickly.

NeuralVRSite offers the facilities of VRtuoso as a Web service, presenting
each site as “a continent, with documents clustered according to topic over a
unique terrain.” The user can quickly find out essential information, such as
document size, relationships, topic areas, etc., in a way that is both easy and

VRtuoso is slated to be released in the last quarter of 1998, while NeuralVRSite is
available immediately and costs $49 for anyone who wants to turn a Web site or
a bookmark collection into VRML.

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