American Airlines Signs Sponsorship Pact With Inc. said
American Airlines signed to sponsor its online financial News Center,
a service that brings breaking industry news to viewers throughout the day.

American Airlines said it chose to sponsor the News Center in
support of the launch of its redesigned Web site, Spending was not disclosed.’s News Center monitors news sources for any information that may
affect the market, and provides customized, at-a-glance summaries of breaking
headlines on the homepage.

The News Center consists of the Market Update and Market Wrap
segments, as well as the Research Center and Economic Indicators, which are
updated throughout the day. The Investor Almanac, also part of the News
Center, is updated twice monthly, and provides historical market information
that relates to current market activity.

“As part of our efforts to target specific segments, was a strong
choice to reach customers ready and willing to conduct online transactions,”
said James Hering, management supervisor with Temerlin McClain–American’s
online agency. “The customer represents an important audience for
the products and services offered through”, founded in 1993, delivers customized solutions for companies that
provide stock quotes; detailed market data on equities; options; commodity
futures; mutual funds, bonds; real-time business news, market analysis,
fundamental financial (balance sheet) data, and company profiles. The company
serves over 300,000 registered users at its site, and millions of users
through its network of affiliates and partners across the Internet.

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