Claims to be World’s Largest DVD Rental Store
said that its inventory of DVD movies available for rental surpassed the
2000-title mark, making it “the world’s largest DVD rental store.”

The milestone marks an increase of more than 100% in the company’s selection
of titles since its launch on April 14, 1998. allows customers to shop via the Internet and receive and return
their DVDs via U.S. mail in prepaid, preaddressed envelopes, offering
nationwide availability.

The company said its online store was flooded recently with orders for the
“Clinton Grand Jury Testimony” DVD after it announced that it would sell the
title for only 2 cents plus $2 for shipping and handling.

“The tremendous growth of in six short months is a direct
reflection of the boom in the DVD marketplace over the same period of time,”
said Marc B. Randolph, president and CEO.

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