ONSALE, ZDTV Plan Live Auction Ads on 24-Hour Computer Channel

ZDTV, an affiliate of Ziff-Davis, and
auction operator ONSALE Inc. announced
what they called “a
breakthrough advertising format” that is intended to enable ONSALE’s ads to
feature live
online auctions during ZDTV’s Money Machine television show.

Money Machine is a daily program on how to make, manage, and save money using
computers and the Internet.

Developed by ONSALE’s interactive advertising agency, San Francisco-based Lot21, the advertising is designed to include
a dedicated segment that features live auctions on ONSALE’s Web site. Spending
was not disclosed.

“The ONSALE and ZDTV alliance represents an innovative approach to advertising
which leverages our channel’s unique ability to integrate the Web and
television,” said Richard Fisher, executive vice president of ZDTV. “ZDTV’s
tech-savvy viewers get real-time information about the latest computer
gear–and ONSALE gets a real-time sales opportunity.”

“One of the keys to the company’s success is customer interaction,” said Jerry
Kaplan, ONSALE’s CEO. “Using television to extend the
reach of interactivity is a new step for us, and we expect it will contribute
to the continued growth of our customer base. ZDTV’s viewers are an excellent
audience for ONSALE: they are comfortable using the Internet, and they are
enthusiastic about finding bargains.”

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