New Customer Satisfaction Monitor Developed

cPulse LLC, a GartnerGroup Inc. company, expanded
its product line by delivering cP Lite, described as a “build-it-yourself
customer satisfaction monitor that is driven by actual research intelligence.”

cP Lite, which takes a client’s input and, based on research, creates a list
attributes for the company to use, will complement the company’s original
interview tool, cP Premium, which helps a site operator to conduct 60-second
interactive interviews with customers.

The company said cP Lite was created to fill the demand from companies that
want to get a jump-start gauging customer satisfaction, without having to go
through a
traditional sales and consultation process.

cP Lite allows a company to
undertake a simple yet valid customer satisfaction initiative before
launching a full-blown program, thereby saving time and money.

“In under five minutes, a Web site can be plugged into the satisfaction
network and begin collecting critical satisfaction data from their site
visitors,” said Joshua Lippiner, president of cPulse. “If a company is
satisfied with the data collected by cP Lite, they can continue on with that
service, or upgrade to cP Premium, which will give them even greater insight.
Since cP Lite is free, there is no reason any Internet business should be
still trying to out-guess their customer’s wants and needs.”

cP Lite can be used by Web sites with traffic levels of all sizes. cP Premium
is only available for Web sites with more than 25,000 unique monthly visitors.

At this time both cP Lite and cP Premium are free to qualifying Web sites.
However, once 500 customers are using cP Premium, there will be a $2,400
subscription charge. cPulse currently has 125 cP Premium customers.

cPulse is the creator of the Internet Satisfaction Monitor, a service that
provides companies with the ability to monitor and measure customer
satisfaction through the use of innovative 60-second interactive interviews.

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