New Device From Internet Magic Converts Fax Machines to Internet Fax Servers

The new Legacy 2000 device from Internet Magic Inc. converts any fax machine into an Internet fax server for worldwide fax distribution via the user’s e-mail account.

It is designed to convert fax documents into e-mail attachments for cost-effective delivery of information.

“Dataquest recently released a study indicating that two out of three U.S companies
expect their fax usage to increase in the next few years,” said Rick Ono, VP sales and marketing for Internet Magic. “The Legacy 2000 can help alleviate the cost impact of this increase by utilizing
existing Internet technology to effectively transmit such communications.”

Legacy 2000 is available in both dial-up and LAN versions, and moves fax traffic off the public telephone network onto the Internet, intranet, LAN or WAN. Organisations can use it to broadcast faxes to 100 destinations with a single transmission, the company said.

Legacy 2000 supports a wide range of Internet and e-mail protocols including TCP/IP, MIME, POP3, SMTP, DNS, as well as IETF, and ITU Internet fax standards. The vendor said it is most suitable for
companies that spend highly on long distance faxing, or those that have large mobile workforces. Other prime candidates for using Legacy 2000 are firms, such insurance companies, that rely on hard-copy forms.

In the United States, the Legacy 2000 costs $499.

For information about selling or acquiring Legacy 2000 in the UK,
please contact: (USA) 619/824-0500 or e-mail: [email protected].

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