New Domain Name Policymakers Invite Public Input

The leaders of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers will give the Internet community a chance to voice their
opinions on how to make the transition to a privately-controlled domain
name system at a public meeting in Cambridge, Mass. on Nov. 14.

ICANN is the successor to the Internet
Assigned Numbers Authority
and was founded by the late Jon Postel, who
died Oct. 16. Since Postel’s death, the group’s leaders have moved quickly
to organize and establish a framework necessary for a smooth transition.

The agenda for the meeting is still being formulated, but is expected to be
posted on the IANA Web site by Monday.

ICANN’s board met last weekend in New York to elect an interim slate of
officers and adopt a basic organizational structure.

In a brief announcement issued Thursday, ICANN officials said the board wanted
input from the public as it decides how to move the domain system forward.

Although a variety of rival groups approved the plan to establish the new
non-profit organization, many expressed a need for more openness,
transparency and financial accountability.

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