New Psion “Revo” Lets You Email Anywhere

The new Psion Revo pocket computer, announced Monday
by UK manufacturer Psion Computers,
is aimed at users who need e-mail and Internet access from a

The Revo weighs 200 grams, is small enough to fit in a shirt
pocket, and offers e-mail, SMS and Internet connectivity. It
comes with the same touch sensitive screen and patented
keyboard that are found on the Psion Series 5 range.

“Revo represents a different class of product which will
become as indispensable as a wallet or purse,” said Helen
Blackburn, product manager for Psion Computers.

“We believe we have created a product that will have a
significant impact on people’s lifestyles inspiring a new
generation who can’t do without their Psion organisers.”

Among the Revo’s many other features are synchronisation
with PCs; agenda and contacts facilities; Microsoft-compatible
word processor and spreadsheet; a jotter, calculator and
world times — even a new game.

New applications in Revo include a phone manager, which
lets users swap and manage their phone numbers between
the computer and various advanced handsets such as the
Nokia 8810, or the Ericsson T28. Equally useful is
a Today view that gives users a summary of all the information
for the day — to-do’s, meetings, etc.

The Revo will be in UK shops from mid-October at a
street price of £299.95 ($480). The price includes
the PC connectivity software and docking station and VAT.
Additional software is also available.

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