New Stock Exchange Channel

“Today there are lots of advanced financial services on the Internet. We do know that most people that are interested in the stock market do not have time to consume all the information they are offered. They just want fast and easy information. Just as is collecting the best from the Internet, we also collect all relevant information on our new stock channel on an readable form”, says Mattias Stanghed, manager of the portal

“By cooperating with other leading Net companies, we can give more value to our partners, shareholders and customers. The cooperation with Spray makes Teletrades services available to a new group of people that are located on Spray network, and that also gives a lot of exiting possible developments”, says Klas Danielsson, Chief Executive Officer on Teletrade.

The cooperation is built on Teletrade supplying the information to Spray Bors (the new channel on Spray). On this channel readers can get the latest information on all traded companies and also personalized information depending on interest.

It is free to use the stock exchange channel on Spray network. For trading on the stock exchange the reader must be a customer of Teletrade.

Spray is on of the leading portals in Sweden and they are expanding in several other countries in Europe.

Teletrade has IDG Sweden (app. 20 percent) as the biggest investor and owner.

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