New Sun Range Comes Out

Sun Microsystems has announced a new microprocessor, an array of network
systems, software and services, which it said would form the foundation of
the company’s network computing strategy for the next five years.

“We’ve always thought network first,” said Sun president and COO Ed Zander
“And, as you’d expect, today we’re announcing the first of many new products
that leverage the Net Effect and that will help our customers get the most
from this dynamically changing environment.”

Sun said the UltraSPARC III microprocessor’s 64-bit architecture was one of
the most complex processors available today, comprising 29 million
transistors and features such as an on-chip memory controller and 32
kilobytes of on-chip memory to provide scalability, data bandwidth,
availability and reliability. The processor will be available with clock
speeds of 750 and 900 MHz. Sun said the processor would use technologies
such as copper interconnect to reach clock speeds around the 1.5-plus-GHz
range in future.

The SunGrid Engine software, also announced today, is designed to let users
leverage the untapped compute resources available on their networks. Idle
workstations can be harnessed to deliver network-wide compute power to the

For the data center and service provider markets Sun announced a
rack-mountable Sun Fire 280R server. Based on the UltraSPARC III processor
and the Solaris 8 operating system, Sun said the server would be ideal for
service providers or enterprise environments where space is at a

Amongst still further announcements, Sun also unveiled its Remote Services
Net Connect software, a self-service, Web-based tool designed to help drive
higher availability, provide customers with
faster problem detection and “Net-time” reporting for data collection, alarm
collection and availability reporting. Sun Remote Services Net Connect
software will be available free to Sun customers via the Internet.

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