New Version of WinAsks Released

Michael H. Sedge

SmartLite Software announced the release of its
WinAsks Professional v.2.0, a user-friendly software
program designed to create and develop questionnaires, tests, and surveys.

Theaward-winning software, in its original version, was well received by
the Internet and educational communities in Italy, where it was first

“When we were developing WinAsks Professional, we tried most of
WinAsks competitors to insure our program was better,” said Paolo Mugnaini,
CEO/President, who founded the company in Busto Arsizio, near Milan, in
1993. “I realized that our software could be more accessible, more
affordable and more user-friendly than what our competitors were offering.

With WinAsks Professional, you can create a questionnaire,
distribute it, fill it out on the screen and, finally, analyze the

These features allow people working with e-mail to disburse,
gather and assess information rapidly and accurately,” the firm said.
Additional uses, beyond
surveys, of WinAsks Professional includes examinations and job applications.

These aspects expand the market of the software to business as well as
educational markets, the company stated. The person creating the
questionnaire with WinAsks
Professional can send it via e-mail as an attachment. The recipients can
answer the questions on the computer screen and return them to the
originator, where the program evaluates results according to
pre-established criteria.

Unlike other software for questionnaires, explained Mugnaini,
WinAsks Professional, which is distributed by Tramontana S.p.A., one of
top educational publishers, provides customized toolbars, pictures, sound,
animation, videos, freeware, a tutorial and many other features.

WinAsks, which won Italy’s PC World Italia 1998 Award for
educational software, is available in English as well as Italian. SmartLite
plans to
translate WinAsks Professional into other languages. The new software is
compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98. SmartLite is
offering a free trial offer through its Web site.

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