New Wireless Net Operator Opens for Business in Sweden

Etermedia, a new local ISP in southern
Sweden, has decided to use its radio-based network to connect to the Internet
for broadband applications.

The company launched the concept of “AlltidAccess” (Always Access), which gives
the whole metropolitan area of Malmo simple access to the Internet at speeds
ranging from 64 Kbps to 34 Mbps.

The radio technique the company relies on is FHSS (Frequent Hop Spread
Spectrum, which is transmitted at 2.4 GHz to the local user. With a small
antenna at a maximum distance of 2 km from nearest local transmitter, the
customer is connected to the local bridge at a speed of 24 Mbps and a backbone
of 155 Mbps. The concept will become scalable as more users get connected.

Anders Horberg, president of Etermedia, says that they have an advantage over
other operators even after cable solutions arrive, but admitted that the
company’s optimal time is before the optical wire infrastructure is in place.
Until then, he believes his company offers
the faster connection solution with a monthly fee.

The monthly costs for guaranteed access start from SEK 1,995 (US $243) for 64
Kbps. For SEK 4,995 (US $609) you get 256 Kbps. Currently, users can only reach
speeds at a maximum of 34 Mbps without limits, and only when few other users
are online. No installations cost is added.

The price is far below current costs for an Internet connection, and includes
the option of using VPN support for users that are located in several buildings
in the area.

Etermedia belongs to a newly founded Internet company, ArrowHead that plans to wirelessly connect
several of Sweden’s cities in the near future.

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