New York Times Online in Translation Deal with

Israel-based Internet translation company has signed a deal with The New York Times on the Web to provide instant translation services.

The service is expected to be available in early August.

The translation solution will be available on The New York Times site. The software can also be downloaded and used at any site on the Internet.

“This partnership makes’s rich editorial content fully understandable to over 63 million World Wide Web users in the non- English speaking countries — the fastest growing Internet market segment today,” said Mr. Shuki Preminger,’s CEO.

Babylon claims the software has a vocabulary of three million words and expressions. The service translates into Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hebrew and English.

“Babylon will be a valuable service to our readers, particularly our million-plus international users,” said Rich Meislin, Times Co. Digital’s editor in chief. “As our global readership continues to grow, we are looking for new ways to make our information and services as widely understood and as easy to use as possible.”

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