Nokia, Microsoft Hook-Up Rumors Swirl

Build or buy? Those are two key options companies struggling to gain market share often consider, but perhaps there’s an equally important third option.

When it comes to smartphones, both Microsoft and Nokia are perhaps all too familiar with the build scenario. Both companies have enormous R&D budgets and have invested considerable resources in the mobile device and software market. They’ve also bought companies and acquired technology to advance their mobile efforts.

Microsoft, an early leader in smartphones, fell far behind in the wake of the iPhone’s success as well as RIM’s BlackBerry line and Android devices. Now it’s gearing up again with its new Windows Phone 7 software available from a variety of smartphone makers.

Nokia remains a dominant supplier of phones in much of the world, but it’s share of the U.S. market has been stuck in the single digits.

This week a stock analyst made headlines by suggesting a third way for Microsoft and Nokia to jumpstart their mobile efforts by joining forces.

Enterprise Mobile Today has details of the open letter addressed to Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop, the CEOs of Microsoft and Nokia and how an alliance could benefit both firms. The two CEOs need no introduction since Elop took the top spot at Nokia only last September, leaving his position at Microsoft where he was president of the software giant’s business division.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Analyst’s Letter Sparks Nokia, Microsoft Rumors

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