Novell Reorgs For Linux

In the past year, Novell has bought into Linux via acquisitions such as Ximian and SuSE Linux. Now it has rearranged its org chart to reflect the integration of those assets.

According to Novell spokesman Bruce Lowry, the new structure aligns the company with its two principal focuses: Linux/open-source platforms and identity services systems.

Novell currently has four business units, which will be merged into the new two-pronged structure, Lowry confirmed. Novell Identity Services will combine the Secure iServices and Resource Management groups, Nterprise; SuSE and Novell Ximian will now become part of Novell’s Platform and Application Services.

RedMonk Senior Analyst Stephen O’Grady called the changes a natural evolution. “Novell wants to reassure its Netware customers that their investments are protected, while simultaneously deemphasizing the platform from their overall R&D portfolio. Consolidation of their disparate platform technologies under a single banner allows them to more or less accomplish both goals,” he told

“Overall, I think these changes are designed to further embed SuSE and Ximian people and technologies in the Novell organization, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.”

At the recent LinuxWorld show in San Francisco, Novell unveiled the newest version of its flagship enterprise Linux platform, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES) that will now bundle the JBoss application server.

As part of that announcement, a new version of its Zenworks Linux Management Enterprise suite and a new version of its SOA tool eXtend were also unveiled.

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