Obama Admin Mulls Cybersecurity, Senate Bill Stalls

The Obama administration has pushed for a major overhaul and streamlining of the federal approach to cybersecurity. Where have those efforts led?

One very visible product has been the newly established Cyber Command, headed by Gen. Keith Alexander, who also serves as director of the National Security Agency. Alexander told a House panel this week that the White House is heading up a review of current authorizations across the civilian and military departments and agencies, a process in which Cyber Command is very much involved.

While that review could result in a White House proposal to Congress for new legislation, several senators have proposals for cybersecurity reform already on the table. But as eSecurity Planet reports, the front-runner of those bills appears to have hit a roadblock.

As it moves to bolster cybersecurity operations across the military and civilian branches of the federal government, the White House is heading up a review of the current legal framework for protecting critical digital infrastructure with the goal of presenting recommendations to Congress for overhauling the relevant statutes, the head of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command unit told members of the House Armed Services Committee this week.

“Right now the White House is leading a discussion on what are the authorities needed and how do we do this,” Gen. Keith Alexander told the panel, noting that Cyber Command is actively involved in the discussions.

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White House Leads Review of Federal Cyber Authorities

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