OmniSky Adopts Handspring Browser

Wireless ISP OmniSky said Thursday that it will license Handspring’s Blazer
microbrowser and proxy server for use with its service.

OmniSky would be the first vendor to license the Handspring technology, which will be used on
Palm OS-based handhelds. OmniSky said it chose Blazer because of its speed, claiming that it
renders the first screen of most Web sites in less than five seconds.

Blazer uses incremental rendering of text and graphics so users can start reading content while
other elements are still being downloaded. The browser supports HTML, Wireless Application
Protocol (WAP), and XHTML. It also supports frames, cookies, and SSL for security.

OmniSky said it would include the Blazer technology in the next software release of its wireless
service. It didn’t provide a date for that release.

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