On2 Streaming Java Applets

A new product from On2 Technologies means users can ditch Real Player
or Windows Media Player and watch their streaming videos using the Java
Virtual Machine, officials announced Monday.

TrueMotion Streaming Java Applet, in beta for another two weeks, eliminates the need for a
proprietary video player, running instead on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM),
and puts it on nearly every computing environment — including desktops,
PDA’s and wireless phones — as well as operating systems like
Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

“Given the near ubiquity of Java in devices ranging from PC browsers to
mobile telephones to set-top boxes, we foresee great opportunities for our
TrueMotion Applet technology,” Douglas McIntyre, On2 chairman, president and
CEO, said in a statement.

The technology lets Web designers embed their video, audio or streaming
content on the Web page to be viewed by anyone with a browser that supports
the JVM. The company intends to market the technology first to online

Officials for the company say the video quality
from TrueMotion is 60 percent better than the video technology of other Java
players with 320×192-pixel video delivered at 100 kbps .

According to its Web site, users with the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine
(MSJVM) should upgrade to the Sun JVM; officials also suggest upgrading from
the sun.audio API to JavaSound for better audio quality.

The company is offering an
online demonstration of the technology
at its Web site.

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