One Top Man Leaves Exodus

[London, ENGLAND] Over a two-year period, Phil Collerton
built up the staff of Exodus Communications in Europe from
two to over 300 employees — but, now that he’s left to join
Interxion, has the exodus begun?

Interxion, one of biggest pan-European Internet infrastructure
companies, announced the appointment of 38-year-old Phil Collerton
as executive vice president operations, on Tuesday.

Bart van den Dries, founder and chief executive of Interxion,
said Collerton’s arrival will enable Interxion to make big
leaps forward in the roll-out of its value added services portfolio.

“The future of our industry is highly determined by the speed at which
these services are introduced,” said van den Dries.

Currently, Interxion operates carrier-neutral Internet Exchange
Centers (IECs) in major European cities, offering an ever-expanding
range of services. All the centers are connected to the networks
of major national and international telecom carriers and to various
European Internet exchanges.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Interxion plans to open IECs in Dublin,
Helsinki, Hilversum and Milan — in addition to its existing
centers in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen,
London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna and Zurich.

Collerton’s experience of fast-growing companies will stand him in
good stead at Interxion which serves a full spectrum of
Internet businesses ranging from ISPs, ASPs, and e-commerce
suppliers, to content providers, media and web hosting

There is no sign yet that Collerton will be followed
by any more staff from Exodus — although “Staff Leave
Exodus in Droves” would be a more eye-catching headline.

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