Online Arabic Dictionary Launches

Middle East software firm Sakhr Software
has announced the launch of its eagerly awaited Computer Aided Translation
(CAT) system, designed for the Arab/English speaking market.

Sakhr’s System is the first to apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) to
both Arabic and English as source languages. It is expected to allow
immense improvement in accuracy and productivity for translating all sorts
of documents from English to Arabic or vice versa. The system can also be
customized to handle other single-byte languages.

To compliment its software product, Sakhr also launched a free bilingual
dictionary service on its Internet site. Sakhr’s dictionary is now
available for all Internet users where they can search for Arabic/English
meanings, synonyms and antonyms while browsing.

The Internet dictionary is built upon the unique linguistic engine and
database that was used to produce Sakhr’s “Dictionary” on CD-ROM. All you
have to do is to type the word you want to search for its meaning, synonym
or antonym, and the program displays the required information. The
resulting data is divided into infinitives, verbs and adjectives for easy

Sakhr also provides its users with innovative Arabic applications including
Sindbad, The Multilingual Internet Client, which offers the user many
extras such as chatting, making conferences and e-mail messaging.

The company also offers Al-Dalil, an Arabic Internet directory that enables
users to search in other Arabic sites. It offers services like business
guides and free advertisement for jobs, flats, etc.

The English version of Sakhar’s site is found here.

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