Online Learning and Training is Growing

Industry Canada is offering a series of
seminars on new media training at several locations across the country.

Online learning and training is a rapidly growing industry, and Elliott
Masie, president of the Masie Center
industry think-tank, identified the following trends:

  • 71% of major US corporations had a 1997 objective of using their
    intranets to pilot the delivery of corporate training presentations.
  • Every major multimedia authoring tool company is building Web-delivery
    capability into its products.
  • The majority of classroom-based training companies, including the
    Gartner Group, DDI, and CBT Systems, launched online training products
    in 1997.
  • A new segment of providers, called learning integrators, are surfacing
    to help organizations create learning intranets that link to core
    technologies within their corporations.
  • Corporate intranet coordinators see online learning as one of the first
    company-wide applications for their internal Webs.
  • Trainers are using intranets to deliver smaller “learning objects” for a
    specific skill or procedure, rather than full courses.

“Many analysts view online learning as one of the universal added value
applications that will help justify the ROI of intranet investment,”
Masie says. In the next few months, the industry will start tackling the
difficult issues of standards and pricing.”

For further information on the Industry Canada seminars, contact Mary Jo Lynch.

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