Open Market Offers Cost-Effective Caching

Open Market Inc. Thursday rolled out
a new product it hopes will lure clients to less expensive caching
for personalized Web sites.

Called the Satellite Server, the application lowers the cost of a business’
Net content delivery infrastructure and accelerates the performance of its
site, which is expected to lead to a significant increase in page views.

Satellite Server quickly composes and delivers personalized Web pages from
low cost hardware, distributed from the “head-end” infrastructure. That
product breaks pages into “pagelet” components and stores them in the cache.
Satellite Server also communicates tightly with the content server to
establish user sessions and retrieve personalized information. The result is
fast dynamic pages delivered from hosts located close to user access points.

In fact, Open Market’s content server and Satellite
Server has received praise from Akamai
Technologies Inc.
, which itself is no stranger the
speedy caching of Web pages. Open Market and Akamai are now working to add
the integration of the newly-launched Akamaizer tool
into Open Market’s content management suite.

“As the leader in providing high performance services for the delivery of
Internet content, streaming media and applications, Akamai is in full
support of Open Market’s development of their Satellite Server,” said Peter
Danzig, vice president of technology at Akamai.

“Open Market’s offering is very complementary to Akamai’s dynamic delivery
of streaming media and Internet content, and our relationship with Open
Market will prove to further extend the scalability of Akamai’s global

Satellite Server is expected to be available in the third quarter.

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