Opera Software Develops BeOS Browser

Opera Software announced that it is developing a version of its Opera browser for BeOS, the operating system for Be computers.

Highly regarded by many users, the Norwegian company said Opera appeals especially to people who need a compact browser that uses very few resources.

Opera already runs on Microsoft Windows, but is also being ported to run on
OS/2, Mac, X11, Psion/EPOC32 and Amiga computers under an initiative
called Project Magic.

“It soon became clear that BeOS had to be added to Project Magic,” said Helmar Rudolph, initiator and manager of Project Magic for Opera Software. “One only had to look at the user response; it was simply amazing, considering that the OS wasn’t even available on a large scale. In addition, our relationship with Be, Inc. has been excellent, and they are supporting us wherever possible. The Opera/Be project is a challenge, but I believe it to be a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship.”

The development of the BeOS version of Opera will be undertaken by a team
of four programmers from Linkoping University, Sweden.

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