Optivision Intros Network-Attached Streaming Video Decoder

Optivision Inc. Monday introduced the NAC-4000, a
compact streaming video receiver and decoder for real-time video distribution
over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

The NAC-4000, a network-attached appliance that can be managed remotely,
captures Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) standard video and plays it on
television or computer monitors to support a variety of enterprise
applications, including conferencing, distance learning, corporate
communications, training, telemedicine and surveillance.

“Broadband access is available within enterprises, and, consequently, they
are on the lookout for plug-and-play video appliances such as the NAC-4000
that are designed to work with broadband networks to enable leading-edge,
collaborative, multimedia applications,” said Christine Perey, president of
Perey Communications.

“The NAC-4000 also features the simplicity of
installation and use and small footprint that has made network appliances so
popular among enterprises.”

The NAC-4000 is a companion to Optivision’s NAC-3000 network-attached
streaming video encoder. A combination of the NAC-3000 and one or more
NAC-4000s allows for the creation of a streaming video channel for enterprise
applications for use in network environments.

The NAC-4000 is a single-channel, Ethernet-based receiver/decoder and plays
Video-over-IP streams meeting the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 industry standards. The
small “Set Top Box” profile of the NAC-4000 enables the distribution of video
receiver nodes throughout the enterprise LAN to deliver video content to
remote sites, buildings and rooms.

The NAC-4000 design has been optimized for network applications requiring
unattended operation. An embedded operating system is not dependent on
personal computer (PC) hardware or PC-based operating software.

As an alternative to Optivision’s LivePlayer desktop streaming video
software, the NAC-4000 supports the industry-standard Simple Network
Management Protocol (SNMP), thereby allowing remote management of all
network-distributed NAC-4000 receiver/decoders.

Customers can remotely or locally configure the NAC-4000 to receive specific
video streams that are unicast or multicast, as well as to support a variety
of digital video resolutions, bit rates and MPEG profiles.

“Our strategy is to offer a family of interoperable, high-performance
network-attached video appliances and give our customers the flexibility to
mix and match them as their particular needs dictate,” said Michael Liccardo,
president and chief executive officer of Optivision.

“The NAC-4000 upholds the high standards of
performance, efficiency, economy, reliability and ease of use that we’ve
established with our other solutions.”

The NAC-4000 is available now through Optivision and its network of
value-added resellers, including systems integrators and OEMs. Price in the
United States is $2,995.

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