Oracle Goes Big for NoSQL

There is a lot of buzz around the term “big data.” It’s a topic that Oracle is now jumping into with both feet with a new big data engineered system as well as new Hadoop and NoSQL software offerings.

During the database general session at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference, Andy Mendelsohn, Senior VP of Oracle’s server technologies, explained what big data is all about. Mendelsohn said big data is all about high volume, high velocity data, where most of the data is not valuable. The goal is to find the nuggets of information buried within big data that deliver some form of value to a business operation.

Due to the nature of big data, Mendelsohn noted that a traditional structured database like the Oracle database is likely not the best solution. Instead he said that NoSQL databases, which can be more scalable for unstructured data, are a better fit. To that end, Oracle is now debuting the Oracle NoSQL database to store big data.

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Oracle Goes Big for NoSQL

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