Red Hat Buys Gluster for $136 Million

Red Hat is acquiring the privately Gluster in an all-cash deal valued at $136 million. The deal is expected to close later this month. Gluster is the lead commercial sponsor behind the open source GlusterFS filesystem. The latest GlusterFS 3.3 release provides advances for Big Data storage like Apache Hadoop.

During a press conference call to discuss the deal, Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens said that there is an explosion in unstructured data. He added that there is a need to move all that data around securely, while having the capability to replicate it across multiple availability zones and cloud deployments. That’s why the time is now right for Red Hat to into the market by acquiring Gluster.

“The time to realize value from a Gluster deployment is measured in minutes,” Stevens said. “It’s a stackable, software based solution that layers on top of existing RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) filesystems today.”


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Red Hat Buys Gluster for $136 Million

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