OzEmail’s Net Telephony Hits New York

Australasian Internet service provider OzEmail has announced that its Internet telephony business, Interline, has added New York-based telecommunications carrier Teltran International as an affiliate.

The three year agreement adds Teltran to Interline’s global affiliate network. The network reportedly now delivers Internet telephone calls to more than 200 countries. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Teltran joins such companies as Concentric in the United States, Mitsubishi in Japan, Hyundai in South Korea, and Voyager in New Zealand in OzEmail’s telecommunications consortium. The central hub on which Interline completed testing in March this year will route its international Net telephony traffic through these affiliates where its own network does not have a local gateway.

As part of the agreement Teltran will offer its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to end users in the US telecom community. Following the system’s installation the company will be launched utilising Interline’s secure Internet telephone routing network. The aim is that by navigating some of the obstacles to VoIP services like technology investment, voice quality, and central and settlement billing, Teltran’s service will make it easy for potential customers to transmit voice and data over the Internet.

Teltran and Interline have also signed a multi-year refile agreement whereby Teltran will refile Interline traffic that is not routed over its telephony network.

“The refile agreement extends a working relationship we have had with Interline since December 1997 and the fact that we are now an affiliate gives us the opportunity to grow our relationship,” said Teltran president and CEO Byron Lerner of the deal.

“Adding new affiliates and refile hubs are important to building our global Internet telephony infrastructure,” added Interline chief executive officer Jean-Baptiste Rousselot. “We are looking forward to working with our partners as they begin delivering full international Internet long distance services in the coming quarters.”

Interline is an international consortium of Internet telephony service providers. It was built on technology developed by OzEmail and its shareholders are 48 per cent OzEmail, 40 per cent Metro Holding AG and 12 per cent Ideadata.

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