Pacific Century Invests in Equinix

Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd has announced that it is joining a select list of investors in Equinix Inc.

Equinix is the creator and operator of neutral Internet Business Exchange (IBX) facilities. The second round equity funding and debt offering bring the total invested in the company to over US$315 million. This represents one of the larger amounts yet raised by any Internet infrastructure company.

Participating in the second round are first-round investors Cisco Systems, Microsoft Corp. and Benchmark Capital. In addition to Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCC), second-round investors include America Online Inc, Dell Computer Corp., Enron Corp., Reuters Group plc and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings.

Alex Arena, group managing director of PCC, said that the company’s investment in Equinix alongside the array of preeminent IT companies reflected the integral role the Asia-Pacific region will play in the development of global Internet business.

Arena also explained that the investment would strengthen and extend PCC’s capability in the areas of data exchange and e-commerce services.

The company says that the attraction of Equinix’s IBX facilities is the flexibility allowed ISPs, ASPs (Application Service Providers) and CSPs (Component Service Providers) to connect with the widest choice of partners and customers throughout the world.

According to Equinix, IBX’s neutrality eliminates the roadblocks that have restricted the Internet’s ability to scale and keep up with the growth fueled by the critical demand for global e-commerce and business-to-business interconnectivity.

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