PacNet Sues for Breach of Copyright

Singapore ISP Pacific Internet has commenced legal proceedings against Internet company for breach of copyright.

In a writ of summons filed at the Singapore’s High Court, Pacific Internet (PacNet) claims that set up underlying codes within its web site and subsidiary web pages that link PacNet’s Movies Online and Tatler Top 125 Restaurants web sites to’s web site without the ISP’s consent and without proper attribution.

According to the writ of summons, the practice effectively allows to bypass PacNet’s home page and use its Movies Online content and Tatler Top 125 Restaurants search engine as its own. In addition, it keeps web surfers within’s web sites instead of being linked to Pacific Internet’s web sites.

We feel that it is patently unfair that has benefited commercially from the effort and expense that we have devoted to the creation of our web properties,” said PacNet CEO Nicholas Lee.

Pacific Internet Limited is listed on the Nasdaq as PCNTF and plans to expand its content offering through a spin off dubbed

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