Palm Ships Low-End m105 Handheld

Palm Inc. will launch its m105 handheld Tuesday, which is expected to replace the Palm IIIxe.

The device is similar to the existing Palm m100, but adds software, but not hardware, to connect to the Internet and e-mail and Short Message Service (SMS) software. It has 8MB of memory, compared to 2MB for the m100. The device is expected to have a street price in the U.S. of about $250.

Palm has made some small cosmetic improvements, such as a removable faceplate and 14 faceplates that are available separately. It introduced five faceplates for the m100.

The m100, and now the m105, are aimed at countering inroads made Handspring and its Visor handhelds at the expense of the low-end of Palm’s line. Handspring is expected to release competitors to the higher-priced Palm V series later this year.

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