Paris Stock Market Introduces New Tech Indices

Bowing to the fierce investor demand which has shut down market trading on two Net IPOs in the past month, the Paris stock market, the Bourse de Paris, has created two new indices for technology companies.

The official launch for the two is scheduled for the end of this quarter. The indices have yet to be officially named.

By creating two new indices for technology companies earlier this month, the Scientific Council of the hopes to move forward with a new approach to stock market investment in France.

Both indices will be calculated twice a day and will include all the values of the Paris Stock Market — the Main Market, Second Market and Nouveau Marché, which currently is the home for many of the tech firms listed on the exchange.

The first index will integrate the vast majority of tech values, and is intended to rank as the larger and more representative index.

The second will integrate the top 50 tech companies with the highest market capitalization, and is to be calculated independently from the CAC 40 index, which contains the highest 40 capitalizations of the Bourse de Paris.

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