Paul Allen Renews Sweeping Patent Suit

The judge asked for specifics, and that’s what Paul Allen delivered. Allen’s firm, Interval Licensing, has renewed its lawsuit alleging many of the biggest names in tech of infringing on four patents that date back to the 1990s.

In response to a judge’s ruling earlier this month dismissing the suit for its overly vague claims, Interval’s attorneys have enumerated details of the alleged infringement in a 35-page complaint, accompanied by 40 supplemental exhibits illustrating the charges against Google, Apple, Facebook and eight other Web and office-supply firms. Datamation has the story on Paul Allen’s patent-infringement campaign.

A company owned by Paul Allen, the billionaire investor and Microsoft cofounder, has reintroduced a patent-infringement lawsuit against some of the nation’s biggest Internet companies, including Google and Apple.

The renewed filing, which names Allen’s Interval Licensing as the plaintiff, comes in response to a federal judge’s decision earlier this month to dismiss the original complaint, saying that the charges described were too vague.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Paul Allen Refiles Massive Patent Suit Against Tech Heavies

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