Pidgin 2.7.9 updates for security and smileys ?!

From the ‘ 🙂 ‘ files:

The open source pidgin instant messenger client, is out with a new update fixing at least one security issue as well as an interesting emoticon/smiley issue.

Pidgin 2.7.9 has a security fix for what the changelog refers to as, “a crash when receiving short packets related to P2Pv2. (CVE ID pending).”

Aside from that there is a quirky bug fix, for an issue that I personally have never experience in all my years of using pidgin.

“When a conversation has reached the maximum limit on the number of
smileys, display the text representation of the smiley properly when it
contains HTML-escapable characters (e.g. “<3” was previously
displayed as “&lt;3″),” the changelog states.

That’s right, apparently there is a maximum number of smileys that you can have in an IM window — Who knew?

Not me 🙂

But it is good to know that if for whatever reason you feel the insatiable need to totally saturate an IM window with a hundred smileys — you can.

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