PayPal Doubles Buyer Protection on eBay

Online shoppers using PayPal to pay for goods on eBay
will now get up to $1,000 of coverage for non-delivery of
items, thanks to an expansion of the company’s buyer protection

PayPal, which is owned by eBay, doubled the coverage from $500 for
qualified transactions on the auction site. The expansion takes effect
on Nov. 8 and covers approximately 80 percent of all eBay-listed

PayPal spokeswoman Amanda Pires told the
expanded program covers transactions with “qualified sellers” that
result in non-delivery or delivery of items that are significantly
not as described.

An eBay-qualified seller is described as one who maintains a 98
percent positive feedback rating and has at least 50 feedback points.
PayPal also added an enhancement to the positive feedback percentage
eligibility requirements to include feedback from both unique and repeat

“The program was launched a year ago and it has been very successful
to encourage buyer confidence and trust on eBay. With the Christmas
shopping season approaching, we wanted to expand it to deal with
expected increase in transactions,” Pires said.

She said the company’s buyer complaint process is still available for
transactions that do not qualify for PayPal Buyer Protection. eBay’s
standard purchase protection offers $200 of coverage with a $25
processing fee.

The expanded protection is only available in the United States, Canada,
Germany and the United Kingdom.

PayPal urged shoppers to keep looking for the “PayPal Buyer
Protection” icon in the eBay seller’s information to see if the doubled
coverage applies.

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