PeopleSoft Version e7.5 Released in Brazil

PeopleSoft Brasil has released PeopleSoft e7.5, an e-business solution for that forms part of the company’s Web Gate strategy.

PeopleSoft’s goal is to integrate company and market information into a single screen which can be accessed via the Web, allowing a broader group to participate in analysis and decision making.

PeopleSoft’s version e7.5 allows customized data crossing in this manner. Executives who work in separate areas or remote workers can
customize “gates” according to subject. The system also allows online communication between companies and their providers.

“The Internet is an environment for business, either as a channel for commerce or as a network that gives people the tools to find the information they need,” said Celso Azanha, managing director at PeopleSoft do Brasil.

Released in August 1998, the system is currently undergoing beta tests with ten American companies. The solution will be available in the other countries by the end of this year.

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