Updates Wireless Browser

Mobile Net software firm Inc.
this week will introduce version 4.1 of its microbrowser for wireless
handsets at the GSM World Congress conference in France.

Based on the Wireless Application Protocol, the microbrowser will be
demonstrated on WAP-based phones from Siemens, Samsung and Sagem. To date,’s (PHCM)
microbrowser has been licensed by more than 25 leading wireless handset
makers to offer clients access to Internet and intranet data through
wireless carriers who have licensed the UP.Link WAP gateway.’s UP.Browser 4.1 was designed as a WAP 1.1 device and includes all
required layers of the WAP stack. After months of testing, plans
to submit the UP.Browser v4.1 to the WAP Forum certification authority for
formal testing.

Additionally, anticipates that the UP.Browser v4.1 will ship with
speedy 128-bit encryption for U.S. and international markets, based on recent
US government policy decisions and’s receipt of U.S. export

“We are especially pleased that Siemens, Samsung and Sagem are preparing to
deliver high volume phone models that will enable operators to offer WAP
services to a wide segment of users,” said Jeff Damir, vice president of
business development for

Coincidentally, also said it would open a new WAP testing facility
in Northern Ireland this April. There companies can test various
combinations of WAP gateways and microbrowsers using interoperability test
suites that were used in recent commercial WAP launches.

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