Pinnacle to Support RealNetworks RealVideo 8

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. Monday announced Studio Basic for RealVideo, a video editing software for creating RealNetworks RealVideo content.

The digital video editing tool supports RealVideo 8 technology that delivers video experience via dial-up modems, VHS-quality through mainstream broadband rates, and near-DVD quality through very high-capacity networks. Using Studio Basic, consumers can enliven their videos by selecting their best shots and arranging them in any order, adding titles, scene transitions, music, sound effects and narration. Movies are saved in RealVideo streaming format enabling the video to be played in RealPlayer.

“People who produce DV content care about video quality so we think they’ll be thrilled that we integrated RealVideo 8 into this product,” says Bill Loesch, vice-president of Pinnacle Systems’ consumer business group. “RealNetworks RealVideo 8 offers superior quality to other streaming video formats. We’re excited about our relationship with RealNetworks.”

“The award-winning VHS quality of RealVideo 8 and the ubiquitous efficiency of RealSystem has spurred content developers to make their programming available to a rapidly growing, media hungry Internet audience,” said Ben Rotholtz, general manager, products and systems, RealNetworks, Inc. “Once again, Pinnacle Systems has demonstrated leadership in digital video editing products with Studio Basic video software, making it straightforward to create and stream RealVideo 8 content.”

Studio Basic for RealVideo is available for free download via RealNetworks at The Studio Basic software enables users to capture video from any DV or Digital8 camcorder via their PCs FireWire port. Users may select scenes and arrange them in any order, add titles, scene transitions, music narration, and special effects. Users can choose from more than 16 scene transitions and more than 300 styles for titles, including neon, metallic and drop shadows. The completed movie is saved in RealVideo format.

Studio Plus for RealVideo offers all the features found in Studio Basic for RealVideo, and includes over 100 professional style transitions, a library of over 100 sound effects, and a library of SmartSound music for soundtracks. Studio Plus for RealVideo can save videos as RealVideo 8, AVI and MPEG files, and can also output the video to a DV tape via FireWire. The sales price for Studio Plus for RealVideo is $89.95.

For users without a FireWire port on their PC, Studio Solution for RealVideo includes the Studio Plus video editing software and comes with a FireWire PCI board. Studio Solution for RealVideo sells for $149.95.

All products are available via the RealNetworks online store at

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