Popcast Releases Popcaster Beta v2.1

POPcast Communications Corp. Tuesday announced the
beta 2.1 release of its POPcaster digital video encoding and conversion
software for PCs.

POPcaster is intended to allow users to capture video through a wide
variety of capture devices and convert files from AVI, MPEG and WAV formats
to Microsoft’s Advanced Streaming Format (ASF). Files saved in the ASF
format can be uploaded to users’ personal accounts on POPcast.com and can
then be shared with others on the Net.

Once members of any POPcast-enabled Web portal have converted their digital
video files and uploaded them to their accounts, they can then send a
customized e-mail message containing a Web link to their content. They can
also share videos in a variety of ways, such as video albums, video greeting
cards and public showcases, the company said.

“We’re working hard to make it as easy as possible for people to share video
files over the Web,” said William Mutual, POPcast’s president and chairman.

“This proprietary tool was developed to make it simple for any consumer to
prepare video files for streaming on the Web without requiring any digital
video expertise.”

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