Prague Internet World Trade Show Successful

In its second year, approximately 6,000 people visited the trade show Prague Internet World during three days of exhibition, from March 30 to April 2, 1999.

Media Internet Agency (MAI), the agency that held the fair in cooperation with LLC, said that it is satisfied with the attendance. There were more visitors this year to the exhibition itself, though conference attendence was poor compared to last year.

“We have put the emphasis on education, on sharing experience as well as on the examples of entrepreneurial activities on
Internet,” said Lenka Nedvedova, marketing director of the M.I.A. agency.

The trade show was focused in the first place on the decision makers, higher and middle management, technical specialists and the members of local governments.

This year’s Prague Internet World took place under complicated economical circumstances, with the Czech economy now possibly in
the worst slump since 1990. IT and Internet companies, two of the decade’s highest performing industries, now faces a dearth of prospective investors.

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