Praxis to Distribute Microsoft Add-Ons

SOUTH AFRICA — Praxis Computing, an IT services company, has announced that they have been awarded the exclusive distribution rights for two products from Danish developer Add-On Products: Exchange Central and Account Central.

The two products are Microsoft approved extensions to MS Exchange which allow for greater collaborative use of Exchange.

Exchange Central allows relevant employees and managers to see an integrated view of committee and team calendars, gathering the appointments from Outlook and offering options for view customisation. It will retail on a per user basis at a cost of R80-R180 per user licensed.

Account Central is a tool for simplifying the MS Exchange administration. It allows supervisors or other authorised personnel without Administrator privileges or the Administrator password to update certain portions of the Exchange directory records. This frees technical personnel to concentrate on the nuts and bolts of keeping Exchange from falling over.

Both products can be downloaded from the Add On Products site or bought directly from Praxis, with Praxis receiving an undisclosed commission from Add On for each South African sale. In return, Praxis will handle the marketing involved with the products.

Mish Middelman, CEO of Praxis Technologies, says Praxis will market the product with direct email marketing, supported by breakfast demos, a small amount of print advertising and a well-developed web presence. In other words, theyll provide links to a website via email and print advertising.

The email will be sent to what Middelman calls a ‘Word of Mouth’ list clients and those they have had business dealings with (or simply collected business cards from) and email addresses culled from public databases.

The response from this kind of mailing, says Middelman, is much greater than that from a purchased list -averaging between 3 per cent and 10 per cent.

The venture illustrates the inevitability of globalization, however much local government tries to fight it. Trade that disregards borders with ignoring local preference is a reality and the Internet is the medium driving it.

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