Pure Commerce Takes Its Global Payments Service Wireless

Online financial services provider Pure Commerce has launched its
multi-currency e-commerce service for wireless devices.

Businesses that adopt the service will be able to accept payments from
international customers shopping on the Internet via Wireless Application
Protocol (WAP) handsets or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) in over 150
different currencies.

The service will operate along the lines of an armed online courier over
a wireless network, collecting money from the customer and making a secure
deposit in the etailer’s account.

Pure Commerce chief executive officer Daniel Lavecky said the idea
behind the service was to create a personalized shopping environment that
made it easy for the customer.

“The easier you make it for a customer to do business with you, the more
likely they are to make a purchase,” he said.

“We are enabling businesses to become more profitable by letting them
communicate with customers whenever, wherever and however that customer
wants to do business,” said Levecky.

The Pure Commerce WAP service is an extension of the company’s existing
multi-currency gateway which operates over the Internet. With research
forecasts indicating mobile commerce is the business landscape of the
future, Pure Commerce has realized the importance of tailoring business
services to customers on the go.

“WAP is not hype, it’s not a phase, it is the next evolutionary step for
commerce,” said Lavecky. “A new business landscape is emerging where doing
business face-to-face is not longer a reality. Companies already know how
to do business in the real world and are beginning to embrace commerce on
the Internet. In order to stay ahead of their competitors, companies need
to take notice of mobile commerce,” he said.

The next step in Pure Commerce’s convergent business strategy is to
allow companies to accept payments over broadband networks. The company is
currently developing the technology to support this concept.

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