QUALCOMM, US WEST Test High-Speed Wireless Solution

QUALCOMM Inc. Monday said it is working with US WEST’s Wireless subsidiary to conduct trials of its High Data Rate (HDR) Internet access service.

HDR is designed to deliver high-speed Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
wireless Internet access at peak data rates greater than 1.8 megabits per second (Mbps), with even higher speeds
expected in the future.

It provides efficient Internet access, e-mail, data transfers and
messaging applications while handling multimedia applications, such as
audio and video file transfers, which require high transfer speeds.

QUALCOMM said it will work with HDR to provide a cost-effective
solution for wireless operators, Internet service providers and cable

“With the rapidly growing demand for high-speed Internet access from home,
the office and on the road,
HDR provides a fast and cost-effective wireless CDMA solution for market
segments that may be difficult
or expensive to reach via traditional operator or cable networks,” said
Jeffrey A. Jacobs, vice president of
corporate business development for QUALCOMM.

The trials will incorporate evaluations of HDR’s air-link performance and
advanced feature sets, as well as HDR’s decentralized Internet Protocol (IP)-based architecture and highly integrated access points. The laboratory phase of the trials is expected to begin in April.

HDR utilizes switching and routing technology from Cisco Systems, which will interconnect access points and provide direct Internet connections.

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