Qualitysearch Expands Research Topics

The German subsidiary of management consultants McKinsey & Company has extended its free research service Qualitysearch to include economic and scientific topics.

The user must first register with the German-language online service, and then is able to access 20 e-commerce sources as well as an integrated book research service. Upon entering a search word, the user will not only receive several relevant specialised publications — as has been the case up until now — but will also receive a list of books on the topic.

In providing this service, Qualitysearch draws on the contents of a large European publications databank, with 1.5 million titles in the English, German, French and Spanish languages.

The revised search format also allows one to search within a choice of various scientific areas. This should not only increase the number of hits, but also the speed of query response.

McKinsey & Company Germany believes that an important criterium for further development is responding to the wishes and suggestions of the users, who implement the research service in their studies, research projects and job.

The company says it not only wants to use the Internet to convey high quality information, but also wants to take up contact with its target group by means of this special service.

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