Quebec Papers Officially Launch

[Montreal, CANADA] Today, Quebec dailies La Presse (Montreal),
Le Nouvelliste (Trois-Rivieres), La Tribune
(Sherbrooke) et La Voix de l’Est (Granby) officially rolled
out The current news site also includes content from
USA Today.

Staffed by 300 journalists, columnists, and contributors to the four
principal dailies, along with a team of 25 new media specialists, the
site will be maintained 24/7.

“Our organization is putting the entire weight of its columnists,
journalists and contributors, which means its content and
credibility, behind,” said Guy Crevier, president and
editor of La Presse.

Alain Rouleau, vice president for new media, said that
is much more than a duplication of the newspapers. “It is a media
unto itself, with its own content that remains faithful to
late-breaking news.”

Nevertheless, there is interaction between the printed dailies and
the Web site. In fact, since most readers have access to the
Internet, articles in the dailies will contain increasing references
to the Web.

Readers will therefore now be finding complementary information
online, allowing them to better appreciate the current events and
trends by putting them into context. The supplementary content, for
example, may take the shape of chronologies and graphs.

The site also provides enriched documentary files on a variety of
subjects, from doping in sports to RRSPs. The classifieds is also

The site will also have a public forum, an area where citizens can
express themselves in moderated discussion groups and through virtual
conversations (chats).

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