Quepasa.com to Add Bilingual Auctions

Quepasa.com Monday added online auctions to its line-up of bilingual offerings.

Quepasa.com (PASA) purchased eTrato.com for an undisclosed amount, and will integrate the trading community into its suite of services.

eTrato.com offers the usual array of auction features, such as English and Dutch auctions, reverse auctions and sealed bid auctions and classifieds. For its cross-border audience, it adds import and export services, and customs and tariff tables.

“Being able to offer online trading to quepasa.com members in both Spanish and English represents a very attractive alternative for quepasa.com members,” said Gary L. Trujillo, quepasa.com’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“Our new alliance with NetZero to provide free Internet access to all US
Hispanics will bring a tremendous amount of new members to our site in
a very short time. I believe that adding this new feature gives them even more of a reason to want to keep coming back.”

Quepasa.com also offers a search engine, free e-mail, Web pages, Spanish-language news feeds, among other services.

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