Radio Free Serbia on the Internet

While no one would deny the impact of the Internet on the entire planet, one Vancouver B.C. company is trying to make a difference across the globe.

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. is putting their RadioDestiny Internet radio technology to work in the former Yugoslavia. FreeSerbia continues to provide Serbians and the world with an independent, non-censored report of the upcoming Serbian elections.

On September 21, the major opposition rally in Serbia was broadcast on the Internet using the RadioDestiny Broadcaster and ongoing coverage of the upcoming elections will continue on the FreeSerbia web site on their NETRadio.

“This is great example of what Internet radio is supposed to do, to facilitate freedom of speech and provide voices to those who cant access the media,” says Destiny CEO Steve Vestergaard.

FreeSerbia is non-profit, non-commercial and non-governmental organization, based in Belgrade, fighting for the freedom of speech and democracy in Serbia. Almost all electronic media in Serbia are controlled by the
Milosevic government or by those opposition parties that have won the local elections.

According to Vestergaard, Although FreeSerbia’s resources are very limited, using Destiny’s internet radio technology, they’re able to broadcast across Serbia and around the world.

“They are operating under the constant threat of being shut down by the police, but for now they are continuing to broadcast vital information and providing a non-censored view of the election. In fact, most of the surrounding Balkan states radio and media were picking up and re-broadcasting the FreeSerbias’ radio streams.”

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