Real Networks Gets on the Language Fast Track

RealNetworks announced yesterday the release of eleven new international editions of RealPlayer 8, RealJukebox 2 and RealDownload 4.

The new editions were released yesterday in French, German and Japanese. has learned that editions in Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish and two variations of
Chinese will become available over the next 30 days.

The issuance of the new localized software apparently is part of the company’s efforts to cater to its increasingly international customer base.

RealNetwork’s most recent statistics reveal that nearly 50 percent of RealPlayer users and 40 percent of RealJukebox users worldwide are outside North America.

According to Phil Murphy, Senior Vice President, International, at RealNetworks the international versions provide all the features and benefits of the standard North American release, but also offer specific native languages. In addition, the international versions will facilitate easy access to country-specific audio and video content.

Certain localized versions of RealPlayer 8 have adopted the RealChannels program in order to provide this language-specific content. RealChannels delivers language-specific content to users based on their country, via a graphical “logo” button embedded in the RealPlayer software.

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