RealNetworks Teams with SES/ASTRA

RealNetworks and Société Europeanne des Satellites (SES), operator of
Europe’s ASTRA Satellite System, have announced an agreement to conduct
extensive broadband streaming media trials.

In the trials, RealNetworks (REAL) will
provide broadband streaming media content to end-users over SES/ASTRA’s
Direct to Home Satellite System. Utilizing SES’ ASTRA-NET DVB/IP multimedia
platform and RealNetworks’ RealSystem G2 technology, the two companies will
provide broadband content viewing on end user PCs and servers.

Through joint broadband content trials, SES/ASTRA and RealNetworks will
implement a customized IP multicasting solution designed to make the streaming
media experience, including video and audio, richer and faster for consumers.
The agreement is set to enhance the rich content already available to
ASTRA broadband satellite homes across Europe, the firms said.

SES/ASTRA will install
RealNetworks RealSystem G2 software in its satellite uplink facility and
RealNetworks will provide broadband content in the areas of entertainment,
music, sports and news through its broadband Network of content
providers. Content will be streamed over IP to end user receiver cards across
Europe via SES’ ASTRA-NET platform.

“The ubiquity of SES/ASTRA’s satellite direct to home services creates a
fabulous opportunity to bring broadband content direct to European
consumers”, said Martin Dunsmuir, general manager, Broadband Systems,
RealNetworks, Inc. “RealSystem G2 is the ideal platform for direct to home
services and SES/ASTRA will receive the very best broadband content through Networks.”

“RealNetwork’s leading Realsystem G2 software and content, in combination
with the ASTRA broadband infrastructure, will offer an unmatched experience
in rich multimedia reception on connected PC’s,” said Dean Olmstead, Director
Of Business Development of SES/ASTRA. “Building on our success in the video
and broadcasting world, this trial will ensure we provide the highest quality
Internet services to European consumers equipped for ASTRA reception.”

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