Red Hat Expands Cloud Push, Buys Makara

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  • Linux vendor Red Hat is the latest enterprise supplier to make a cloud computing announcement. As Server Watch reports, Red Hat just snapped up cloud tools vendor Makara, gaining technology that lets applications automatically scale, making it easier for IT to effectively provision resources.

    The article details Red Hat’s plans for Makara which include its intent to open source the technology. Also, company officials said they expect Makara’s cloud impact to be spread across both public and private deployments.

    Red Hat is acquiring cloud tools vendor Makara in a bid to expand the Red Hat Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud strategy.

    With Makara, Red Hat is acquiring technology that will enable to developers to deploy applications to the cloud that can scale up or down as demand warrants. The Makara technology is set to be integrated into Red Hat’s Cloud Foundations strategy, which was announced earlier this year.

    Read the full story at Server Watch:

    Red Hat Acquires Makara in Cloud Dev Tools Play

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