Red Hat Revamps JBoss Portal and Operations Network

According to Red Hat, there is a misconception in the marketplace that middleware can be difficult to use for content creation. It’s a misconception the company aims to challenge with the new JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.2 release. Red Hat is also tackling the issue of middleware server management with the new JBoss Operations Network 3.0 release

The new JBoss releases come as Red Hat is scaling up its product portfolio for the new demands of the cloud scale deployments.

“These two releases are geared towards making the usability of the products much better so it’s easier for people to get started,” Jason Andersen, director, Middleware Product Line Management at Red Hat, told

Anderson noted that the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform core customers historically have tended to be large financial services and manufacturing companies. The user base is now extending to more midsize companies that don’t have the same IT resources, which is why ease of use has become increasingly important. Among the ease-of-use enhancements in the 5.2 release are improvements to the Site Publisher capability. The JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.1 release that debuted at the end of 2011 was the first to include Site Publisher, which is a content authoring feature.

“Customers don’t have to have highly customize their environment to make the portal work well, it fits better in a standard environment and doesn’t require a bunch of rip and replace actions,” Andersen said.


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Red Hat Revamps JBoss Portal and Operations Network

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